about ashleigh rae

Ashleigh Rae Staton-O’Brien has been photographing since high school. After signing up for the only photography course at her school in her sophomore year she was hooked. Starting with her father's manual Nikon, and then with a 35mm Canon given as a give by her uncle, Staton-O’Brien began documenting. She went on to study visual arts and sociology at the Gallatin School at NYU where she developed her ethos, her passions and garnered experience working in both wet and digital darkrooms.

Trained and experienced with shooting both analog and digital cameras, Staton-O’Brien entered the field when the photography industry was in a time of transition. As a result, Staton-O’Brien has reached aptitude in both film and digital photography and post processing skills. Staton-O’Brien entered the field with the intention of pursuing photojournalism exclusively, but her interests have grown to include fine art photography, environmental portraiture and editorial work. Inspired by the people around her and the way they interact, Staton-O’Brien views movement and actions as perpetual lyrics in a melody. Her approach to photography is largely informed by her background in sociology, the environment of the subjects often play a vital role in the compositions.

Photography is Staton-O’Brien’s greatest passion as it allows her to share in the lives of others, and she loves that.

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